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Our motorcycle rental service is by appointment only. The way it works is You get on DMV's Appointment page for Santa Clara or San Jose. Then contact me. Make your DMV appointment today!

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Rent A Motorcycle for Your DMV Skills Test

Rent our 2015 SYM Wolf Classic 150 (pictured above)for your DMV skills test in Santa Clara and San Jose. We help you feel confident and prepared. Book an appointment today!

About Us

We are a motorcycle rental service specializing in DMV skills test rentals in Santa Clara, and San Jose, California. We believe in providing convenient and hassle-free rentals to help riders pass their tests and get on the road safely. Make an appointment today, call the # below, or give us a call if you have any questions 408-334-1891

How it works

Make your DMV appointment. Then make your appointment with me for a selected time and pay. The fee is $150. for the skills riding test. You will need to show up 45 minutes before your DMV appointment. you will get to practice riding for 1/2 hour before your test to get the feel of the bike and learn where the controls are. You may also rent the bike for one hour of practice on DMVs skills riding course after DMV closes, the fee for the one hour of practice is $100. DMV closes at 5 pm. The latest time you can rent after hours is 6 PM.

man siting on motorcycle at night
man siting on motorcycle at night

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We specialize in DMV skills test rentals and have helped hundreds of riders pass their tests, With a well-maintained motorcycle to ensure your success.

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The best way is to call me or leave your phone # , No Text Messages 408-334-1891